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1825 guests joined
  • Siloso Beach Walk
  • (Exact address will be provided after booking)
Suitable for: Kids / Adults
Something about me... Love nature, Love simplicity, Love fitness, Love experiencing new things in life. Join me in my journey where you will get to share many of my fun experi... More Info »
This Funzing Experience:
There's nothing better than yoga grounded in nature in one of the most beautiful vistas in Singapore.
By the OCEAN at Sentosa, that is, where each class ends with deep relaxation in savasana, the hypnotic sounds of the waves and wind, and a healing ion wash from the ocean.

And as everything becomes GOLDEN with the setting sun, allow the flicker of the SCREEN to transport you to another world.

RAIN or SHINE, we got you covered,
along with FREE SNACKS for all in this ULTIMATE sensory experience by the ocean.

Movie Screenings:

31st January 2018:
Title: Hacksaw Ridge
Director: Mel Gibson

14th February 2018: ( Valentine's Day Special, SELLING FAST!)
Title: Slumdog Millionaire
Director: Danny Boyle

28th February 2018:
( Winner of Top Films of the Year and Best Comedy in 2007 & 2008,
World Premiere at 64th Venice Film Festival,
Opening Night Selection at New York Film Festival 2007 )

Title: The Darjeeling Limited (SELLING FAST!)
Director: Wes Anderson


COMPLIMENTARY inflatable outdoor lounger couch WORTH $25 to be given away **T&C apply**

Promo ends on 28th of February. WHILE STOCKS LAST!


Disclaimer: The FAQs are put down in writing to help you better understand the directives and also to better manage your expectations of the event.

In an ideal world, when a documentation has been correctly prepared and a user follows the instructions provided, it is almost definitely impossible for the product to cause harm.
For example, if you bought a lawnmower and followed the instructions, you would expect the product to be safe to use. However, if you failed to read the documentation or ignored the instructions for safe usage, this could result in damage or personal injury.

By signing up for this event, you agree that you have read and understood our FAQs and agreed to the directives. We will not be liable for any poor user experience due to your failure to read or understand the directives from our FAQs.

What does **T&C Apply** mean?
It stands for 'terms & conditions apply', which simply translates to a set of general or special arrangement, requirements or standards that form an integral part of an agreement.
In short, it means that the terms and conditions specified by the marketer apply. Therefore you are required to inquire with the marketer what their terms and conditions contain.

What does ' *For illustration purposes only ' means?
The point is that we should not confuse illustration with 'reality'. The illustration is intended to highlight certain main features whilst omitting other, non-essential, parts. By adding 'for illustration purposes only', the writer wants to draw our attention to the fact that the illustration or image does not depict reality.

Are yoga mats provided for the class?
No. All participants are required to bring their own mats.
And you will be sitting on your yoga mat for the movie too, although we do know of a few who do not mind sitting on the hard ground.

What are the seating arrangements?

The seating allocation is general admission – i.e. you choose your own seat location.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you may bring your own food.

What type of food do you sell and what category of seating are we entitled to choose from?
It is important to note that we are NOT selling tickets to a movie screening session.
Participants accept that in purchasing a ticket for
Sunset Yoga & Movie BY THE OCEAN, they are paying for an outdoor yoga class commencing at approximately 6.45pm at Sentosa, with a complimentary movie screening as a post-yoga activity.
Hence, we do not sell food, hotdogs or popcorns and there are no 'best seats' to secure as seating allocation is general admission.
We do provide complimentary snacks and light bites though.

I am a Yoga instructor. Will the class be up to my standards?
Based on our previous statistics, we have had a huge number of participants who were doing Yoga for the first time in a class of such which had garnered a crowd of easily above 100 participants.
Hence, this class shall be a beginner's Yin Yoga class conducted at a low to moderate intensity, at a pace for all to keep up.

My dog has given birth to a litter of puppies. I am unable to attend the event as i have to stay home to tend to them. What would you say to this?
"Congratulations to the new addition to the family!" or
"We are so sorry to hear about that." would be our best take.
It is unfortunate that we are unable to speak for all with regards to their decisions made on any chain of events from an urgent business trip to fracturing a big toe.
And we are sure Taylor Swift would have said the same too, if you're unable to make it for her concert which you have paid for.

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There's nothing better than yoga grounded in nature in one of the most beautiful vistas in Singapore. By the OCEAN at Sentosa, that is, where each class ends with deep relaxation in savasana, the hypnotic sounds of the waves and wind, and a healin... Read More
Experience includes:
  • 60 minutes of Holistic Yoga experience for $29
  • COMPLIMENTARY Cinema Alfresco experience at Siloso Beach Sentosa (Sheltered)
  • COMPLIMENTARY Inflatable outdoor lounger couch worth $25 to be given away, While Stocks Last.  (T&C apply)
  • FREE-FLOW of Movie Snacks
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