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Discover Alternative Sport, Fitness, and Dance Classes in Singapore

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Taking care of your fitness and health is your responsibility but for many people, the thought of just standing on a treadmill sounds like hell. Thankfully, nowadays, there is no shortage of alternative sport and fitness classes on offer. If you enjoy a good old boogie, you should check out some of the different dance classes in Singapore which we’ve found on Funzing. You’ll find these kind of events held in dance studios in Singapore as well as quirkier and more original spaces. Take a Street Dance Class - If you’ve always wanted to pop and lock or get down and do some breakdancing, why not check out some of Funzing’s street dance classes in Singapore? A dance workshop is not only a great way to get fit, but also great for your wellbeing and happiness. Yoga Workshops - Yoga workshops in Singapore are not hard to come by and you’ll find lots of different forms of yoga on Funzing. If you want something more fast pace and with more cardiovascular activity (but outdoor games are less your thing), you’ll also find martial arts classes of different varieties, taught by professionals with years of experience.